Talk: Shipping Metrics from the Edge

In November 2019 KubeCon North America took place at San Diego’s Convention Center.
I attended the conference and gave this talk on Wednesday.
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Prometheus Styx

Introducing Styx for Prometheus.
A simple tool for exporting data from Prometheus to CSV, gnuplot & matplotlib.
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How to keep Arch Linux updated

This post is for beginners that want to get started with pacman.
It’s only a summary.

You can find a complete guide for pacman in the wiki [de].

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Awesome Panorama of TU-Berlin

This photo was taken from the top of the MAR building.
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Starting with dart

I just stumbled across dart again.
It really got me interested and I started digging into resources.
Here’s what I’ve found so far.
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Deploying a website with git on uberspace

Are you using git yet? Are you deploying your website via git push? - You should!

The goal of this post is to give you a short overview of my way to get git automatically deploy a website via git push on

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Good video tutorials on Max-Heap

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git push all branches

If you use git branches a lot, you’ll often push each branch after each commit.

This takes time…

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Bootstrap’s carousel transition won’t animate

Twitter Bootstrap’s carousel seems like a easy way to create a simple carousel animation on your website.
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Installing a specific commit, branch or version from a git repository with bower

Installing packages via bower is awesome.

It’s even more awesome that you’re able to install git repositories with bower.
This will become handy if you have private repositories.

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