Hi! I'm Matthias Loibl

Software Engineer from Berlin, Germany


My Story

Hey, I am Matthias Loibl, a Software Engineer from Berlin.

I enjoy working on Distributed Systems and Web Applications with Go and sometimes with Dart or Vue.js. I deploy my applications with Kubernetes and monitor them with Prometheus. In the past I have created projects with all kinds of software, such as Android, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Django, React, AngularJS & Polymer. I work at Red Hat with the OpenShift monitoring team.

Personal Information

Name:Matthias Loibl
City:Berlin, Germany


Coming soon...

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Introducing Styx for Prometheus.
A simple tool for exporting data from Prometheus to CSV, gnuplot & matplotlib.

This post is for beginners that want to get started with pacman.
It’s only a summary.

You can find a complete guide for pacman in the wiki [de].

This photo was taken from the top of the MAR building.

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