Simple Canary Deployments using Kubernetes StatefulSets on OpenShift

This blog post was originally posted on the OpenShift blog. This is just a personal mirror of that blog post I wrote. In this blog post I want to introduce a nice little trick to make canary deployments possible only with Kubernetes StatefulSets and Services. First, let me give a bit of background on why I went down that route. At Red Hat we continuously increase the number of applications we run ourselves.
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Talk: Thanos - Cheap, Simple and Scalable Prometheus

Description Thanos is an open-source CNCF Sandbox project that builds upon Prometheus components to create a global-scale highly available monitoring system. It seamlessly extends Prometheus in a few simple steps and it is already used in production by dozens of companies that aim for a high multi-cloud scale for metrics while keeping low maintenance cost. During this talk, the core maintainers of Thanos will explain basic concepts behind the project, its use cases, and tradeoffs.
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Compiling Thanos to Benchmark my Computers

Why? My desktop computer wasn’t up to today’s standards anymore. Although it was decent, compared to the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 6 Laptop I have for work, I could feel the difference in speed on a daily basis. Where my desktop was lacking the speed (both CPU and Disk IO), the ThinkPad was actually sometimes struggling to drive my ultra-wide monitor (DELL U3419W at 3440x1440 resolution). So, I was kind of in the unfortunate situation of having trade-offs with both (I know, pretty high standards, but I also spend 40+ hours on those computers every single week).
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Talk: Shipping Metrics from the Edge

In November 2019 KubeCon North America took place at San Diego’s Convention Center.
I attended the conference and gave this talk on Wednesday.
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Prometheus Styx

Introducing Styx for Prometheus.
A simple tool for exporting data from Prometheus to CSV, gnuplot & matplotlib.
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How to keep Arch Linux updated

This post is for beginners that want to get started with pacman.
It’s only a summary.

You can find a complete guide for pacman in the wiki [de].

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Awesome Panorama of TU-Berlin

This photo was taken from the top of the MAR building.
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Starting with dart

I just stumbled across dart again.
It really got me interested and I started digging into resources.
Here’s what I’ve found so far.
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Deploying a website with git on uberspace

Are you using git yet? Are you deploying your website via git push? - You should!

The goal of this post is to give you a short overview of my way to get git automatically deploy a website via git push on

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Good video tutorials on Max-Heap

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